Lukas Mehnert

Hi, I’m Lukas Mehnert!
I help european B2B SaaS companies scale their marketing.

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I’m an online marketing expert and campaign leader who effectively scales B2B SaaS companies by using strategic marketing channels, enhanced customer success, team expansion best practices, and my 15 years of core industry knowledge.

Passionate. Honest. Reliable.

I really love my job, and my number one goal is to help your marketing team reduce its learning curve, enabling you to find new and reliable ways to notably improve your revenue generation and retention.

With over 10 years of software Marketing experience, particularly in SaaS, and having worked at two Deloitte Technology Fast 50 companies as well as various small venture-backed startups, I have learned to thrive with teams of all shapes and sizes.

In the last 5 years…

  1. As Chief Marketing Officer at Smartlook, I oversaw 10+ marketing channels that successfully generated paying customers.
  2. I’ve personally designed and implemented marketing strategies that have generated millions in revenue for several B2B companies.
  3. I grew a startup from 0k ARR to $4M ARR without any large funding internal or external, helping us to even further retain ROI.
  4. I organized SaaS Movement, the largest SaaS conference in Central Europe consisting of two successful bespoke events that took place in Brno, Czech Republic.
  5. I consecutively doubled our revenue 3 times in a row without any major funding, 99% of which was Marketing team-driven, and critical to the company's upgrowth.

By applying my own tried and tested methods, which I developed over the course of several marketing leadership roles since 2012, I can help your team optimize their customer acquisition costs as well as their customer lifetime value, and help your organization optimize its ROI.

Today, I'm helping CMOs and CEOs build a well-oiled marketing machine by offering them:

“My services are primarily tailored to helping European B2B SaaS companies, and are suited perfectly for Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A (€0 - €15M ARR) startups, as well as Series B organizations that are looking to find new marketing channels.”

10 things I’ve done in the past that I can help you achieve:

  1. Scaled a startup from $0M to $4M ARR
  2. Grew a Marketing team from 1 person to 10 people, and delivered additional agencies, mentors, and freelancers
  3. Got more than 30% of TAM Top 50 worldwide websites in contact with us
  4. Got 100% of the top 3 websites to send us 1-on-1 demo requests
  5. Had 3 of the big 4 consulting firms request 1-on-1 demo calls with us
  6. Got 75% of all international food delivery companies on 1-on-1 demos
  7. Obtained 50% of GAFA Big Tech organizations on 1-on-1 demo calls
  8. Scaled demo requests from 0 to 150 per month
  9. Won a Series A Round completely online during the COVID-19 pandemic
  10. Scaled customer registrations from 0 to 6,000 per month

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